Motorcycle touringMotorcycle riders are discovering many reasons to love Bath County. For one thing, there is not a single stoplight in the entire county. The winding and scenic back roads are a joy to ride. And, the lack of traffic, honking horns and tractor trailers makes it even more fun. Wait, there is even more to this story.

At then end of a day of riding, motorcycle touring enthusiasts are finding a warm welcome in Bath County. That hospitality is important to riders, who are often misunderstood and not always welcomed in every community. Bath County has been a destination for travelers since before the founding of the United States. Hospitality comes naturally to the people here. At first, visitors arrived on horseback and covered wagons. Today, visitors receive the same hospitality whether they arrive in a mini-van or on a Ducati motorcycle.

Motorcycle Rides and Scenic Drives brochure coverTo help motorcyclists make the most of their visit, Bath County has published a Motorcycle Rides & Scenic Drives brochure that includes five loop rides that begin end in either Hot Springs or Warm Springs. The brochure includes maps and route descriptions. In addition to the printed version, it is also available as an interactive flipbook online. There is also a special page on our visitor website specifically about scenic drives where you can see the flipbook, request a free printed brochure or use Google Maps of the loops.

Virginia is for mountain lovers. It’s also for motorcycle lovers. It’s time to plan your next road trip.

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