Dan Ingalls Overlook on a Scenic Drive

Bucket List Activities in Bath County

07/27/2021 Posted in: Agri-tourism, Arts & Music, Beverages, Family Fun, Food, History, Lodging, Outdoors, Scenic Drives

When people are asked about their “bucket list” of experiences, travel is always at the top of the list. Sometimes the lists include exotic locales in far-away lands or mesmerizing sights like the aurora borealis. Others have more modest lists that include simpler things they just haven’t gotten around to yet, like going horseback riding … Continue reading Bucket List Activities in Bath County

The Omni Homestead Resort

The Iconic Homestead Tower

07/09/2021 Posted in: Family Fun, History, Lodging, Scenic

Whether you approach Hot Springs from the north or south along Sam Snead highway, you become aware of the presence of The Omni Homestead Resort well before you arrive in town. The first things you notice are the impeccably groomed golf courses with meandering golf cart paths and signs indicating “golf carts crossing.” Soon, though, … Continue reading The Iconic Homestead Tower

horseback riding at The Omni Homestead Resort

Turn a Long Weekend into an Unforgettable Vacation

06/01/2021 Posted in: Family Fun, Food, Lodging, Outdoors, People, Scenic Drives

Bath County is the undisputed king of the long weekend getaway. It’s located close enough to major markets like Washington, Baltimore, Richmond and Norfolk that it’s easy enough to reach, yet far enough that is feels like an escape. The stress begins to disappear on the scenic drive leading to Bath County, which means visitors … Continue reading Turn a Long Weekend into an Unforgettable Vacation

Hot Springs Virginia

A Guide for First-Time Visitors

04/15/2021 Posted in: Arts & Music, Family Fun, Food, History, Outdoors, People, Scenic, Scenic Drives

Visitors have been making the journey to Bath County for more than 250 years to soak in the natural mineral springs and stay at one of America’s first resorts. Now, people are rediscovering modern Bath County for a variety of wonderful reasons, including the remarkable culinary scene, motorcycle rides and scenic drives, unique accommodations and … Continue reading A Guide for First-Time Visitors

Falling Spring Falls courtesy of DSeay

Falling Spring Falls

03/11/2021 Posted in: Family Fun, Outdoors, Scenic, Scenic Drives

A favorite photo spot for visitors to Bath County is located just across the line in neighboring Alleghany County. It’s not every day that you can see a beautiful 80-foot waterfall from a roadside overlook. It’s so popular that we included it on two of the routes featured in Bath County’s Motorcycle Rides & Scenic … Continue reading Falling Spring Falls