Food Tourism is a growing travel trend. For many travelers, food choices are as important a factor as climate and scenery when choosing a destination. For some people, it’s the very reason for traveling.

Food Tourism is much more than finding a place to eat in whichever city you happen to be visiting. Food Tourism, also known as Culinary Tourism, is the pursuit of unique and memorable eating experiences. Food Tourists choose a destination because of the culinary experiences available. Often, the decision is based on the reputation of a single restaurant or chef.

TroddenvaleIn recent years, the culinary scene in Bath County has truly blossomed. Some creative entrepreneurs have opened new restaurants. Local farmers have expanded their offerings. A craft brewery, a winery and a cidery have all located in Bath County. All of these developments, combined with the exceptional restaurants that have been in the county for many years — including those at The Omni Homestead Resort — make Bath County an up and coming destination for culinary tourism.

Plated foodCulinary Tourists are knowledgeable and sophisticated, but not food snobs. They enjoy excellent food and fun experiences. It’s that simple. In Bath County, they could easily fall in love with the homemade pies at The Country Café or European inspired specialties at The Tavern at The Inn at Warm Springs and Les Cochons d’Or. Other special occasion places with loyal repeat customers include Fort Lewis Lodge, Snead’s 1912, the Waterwheel Restaurant at the Inn a Gristmill Square, and, of course, the restaurants of The Omni Homestead. The chefs, sommeliers and attention to detail keep patrons coming back time after time.

Foodlore FridaysWhen it’s not mealtime, foodies will love experiences like touring a farm, visiting a winery, cidery or craft brewery. As if all that weren’t enough to show how serious Bath County is about its passion for top-quality, healthy food, each Friday during the summer and early fall a group of local farmers hosts an event called Foodlore Fridays in Warm Springs. It’s a unique event that features local food, a chance to purchase farm-fresh products, cider tasting, and a whole lot of fun in a scenic venue.

You may come to Bath County because of the mountain scenery and outdoor recreation and then fall in love with the local culinary scene, or you may visit because of the county’s reputation for great food and then fall in love with the mountain scenery. Either way, we won’t judge. All are welcome.