Visitors tell us that one of their favorite things about Bath County is how relaxing it is here. It’s true that the fresh air, mountain views and lack of traffic and noise make it easy to de-stress. It might seem counter-intuitive at first, but these are exactly the reasons why Bath County is a great place to conduct some serious business.


men fly fishing courtesy of Fort LewisBoard retreats, corporate team building excursions and other small business meetings thrive at the private and unique venues all around the county. Team members will be less distracted by interruptions and more focused on the task at hand. Breakout sessions become break-outside sessions and can include hiking, biking, fishing and paddling. Getting co-workers to paddle in the same direction is more than a metaphor in Bath County.


couple kayakingThe Omni Homestead Resort hosts meetings and conferences of all sizes. They have 72,000 square feet of meeting space and an experienced team that can handle anything. Smaller groups will love the variety of one-of-a-kind venues for meetings. Consider booking one of the county’s charming inns for a mid-week meeting. Most of the properties have common areas where people can gather for conversations. Some have outdoor space so team members can enjoy the fresh air — and possibly spot birds and wildlife but that’s a risk worth taking. Imagine holding a corporate retreat on a working farm or in the off-season at a summer camp. The uniqueness of the venue is directly proportional to the success of the meeting.


A change of scenery is always helpful to bolster creative thinking, especially when the scenery is as spectacular as it is in Bath County.

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