event at the Old DairyWhat are those silos in Warm Springs just down the road from the pools? Visitors may wonder what is under those bright green roofs. The truth is, that is a treasured historic site as well as a place filled with memories for many Bath County residents and visitors.

The silos and surrounding buildings are known as the Old Dairy Complex. It was built circa 1928 to provide fresh products to the county and The Homestead Resort, located five miles away in Hot Springs. Because train service to the resort was unpredictable, the resort developed the means to produce much of its food needs. It ceased operations as a dairy in 1970.


Natural Retreats Pool at the Old Dairy ComplexThe complex was renovated in 2007 and is now part of a neighborhood development known as The Preserve. The facility includes a pool, spa, fitness room, family gathering area and more. The amenities are available to owners, as well as vacationers who book their stay in select homes available through Natural Retreats.


The centerpiece of the Old Dairy Complex is a community room that serves as a popular wedding and event venue. It is both elegant and rustic at the same time and features modern amenities, including audio-visual capabilities. The community center has been the site of many celebrations, wedding and baby showers, parties and proms. Nearly all Bath County residents have a special connection to the Old Dairy Complex.

Girls Milk House MarketNot everything at the complex is reserved for events or private parties. Milk House Market, located near the entrance to the complex on Sam Snead Highway, is a popular sandwich shop and gourmet market. Many of their soups and sandwiches are made with products from local farms.

The Old Dairy Complex is a wonderful example of historic preservation. The buildings are beautifully restored. What was once a working farm now helps create great memories for visitors to Bath County.