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    Bacova Beer Company

    2814 Main Street
    Hot Springs , VA 24445

    Bacova Beer Company is a small, family-run brewery nestled in a mountain valley in the Allegheny Highlands of Virginia.  Bacova Beer Company focuses on brewing traditional beers served in a laid-back, unpretentious atmosphere.  The mission of the brewery is, “Brewing Truth, Not Trends”, which speaks to their commitment to brewing classic beer styles.  Many people think that this craft beer craze is trendy and that it won’t last.  True is that brewing these traditional styles of beer have been around since before recorded history…nothing trendy about that!  Currently, Bacova Beer Company beers are only available in their taproom location but future expansion and changes in Virginia beer laws to favor the small brewer will allow us to distribute into the retail market. Bacova Beer Company is a gathering place for locals and visitors alike.  The taproom’s comfortable and welcoming environment gives people a sense of belonging and provides connection between their beer and the drinker.  



  • Troddenvale

    Troddenvale at Oakley Farm

    Warm Springs, VA 24484

    Troddenvale at Oakley Farm produces transparency-driven cider of origin with limited to no alterations. Troddenvale believes complex cider with aromatics and body can be achieved by showcasing the land and fruit from Virginia. Founded in 1834, Oakley is one of the original farms of the Warm Springs Valley. Orchards have existed on the farm throughout its nearly 200 year history. As the last remaining trees fade, 4 acres of new plantings have been dedicated to fuel the cider production. With 2,000 apple trees of 20 different varieties, Troddenvale is focused on finding out what makes sense for this distinctive, high-elevation growing climate. Troddenvale believes where fruit is grown and how will lead to the greatest potential in their cider. 

    Tasting appointments are held at Oakley Farm in the South Stable, one of the original 1920’s horse stables renovated for cider production. Visit the website and sign up on the mailing list to stay in touch regarding upcoming events and seasonal releases.

    *Available to visit by appointment only. Contact info@troddenvale.com to find out more on availability and how to book.