Camping areas are beginning to re-open from the COVID-19 shut down in accordance with state guidelines. Please check with the camping areas about their schedules and availability.

Camping Douthat StateIf you’re drawn to the County of Bath because of its beautiful natural setting in the mountains of Virginia, why not complete the experience by getting close to nature at a local campground. It is one of the most rustic mountain vacation experiences you can get and a great way to make memories that every family member will treasure forever. They don’t have all the modern conveniences of home, but the endless outdoor activities trumps the need for cable. After all, the remoteness of the campgrounds makes them some of the most popular camping sites in the region.

  • Blowing Springs

    Route 39
    7698 Mountain Valley Road
    Warm Springs, VA 24484
    From Warm Springs, take SR 39 west for 9 miles to the campground.

    Operated by US Forest Service

    First come, first serve.

  • Bolar Mountain Recreation Area and Lake Moomaw

    Route 600
    756 Twin Ridge Drive
    Warm Springs, VA 24484
    • Reservations: 877-444-6777

    Operated by US Forest Service

  • Dominion Back Creek Recreational Area

    Route 600
    316 Power Station Road
    Warm Springs, VA 24484
    • 540-279-4136
  • Douthat State Park

    14239 Douthat State Park Road
    Millboro, VA 24460
    • 540-862-8100
    • 540-862-8117
    • Reservations: 540-933-PARK
  • Hidden Valley Recreational Area

    1531 Hidden Valley Road
    Warm Springs, VA 24484
    • Contact the Warm Springs Ranger District: 540-839-2521

    Operated by the US Forest Service

  • Peaceful River Campground

    Peaceful River Campground

    42 Peaceful River Rd
    Millboro, VA 24460
    • 540-996-4256

    Peaceful River Campground is a private campground situated on the beautiful Cowpasture River, just two miles west of Millboro on Route 39. The facilities offer tent camping with or without lights and spaces for camper hookup. For the not-so-rustic camper, a bath house with hot showers is available. Guests also have access to the privately-owned stretch of Cowpasture River during their stay. Spaces are available to rent nightly, weekly and during the weekend. Advanced reservations are required.

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